Mobile Industrial Rack Rolling Bulk Shelves For Warehouse Storage Space

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Mobile Industrial Rack Rolling Bulk Shelves For Warehouse Storage Space

Mobile shelves actor from the beam-type shelves or partitions when the shelf evolved.It is one of the high-density storage of the shelf system, usually a group of two rows of shelves to install a mobile base, the base of the installation of long sleeves connected to drive long sleeves.The four rollers move along the tracks on the ground.

The system only need 1-2 channels, space utilization is extremely high. Goods from the forklift to carry out the whole drag, the channel is usually about 3 m. According to the shelf load can be divided into light, medium and heavy three kinds of mobile shelves, light, medium general use of hand movement, the general medium-sized mobile shelves with electric control, the base installed motor and reducer easy to move.

Mobile shelf classification

1.Open mobile shelves

Open mobile shelves.The drive mechanism is located in the shelf base, the operation panel is located in the shelf end, simple shape, easy to operate. The front and rear of the shelves with a safe sub-line switch, an obstacle to the entire shelf immediately stop.

2.Closed mobile shelves

Closed mobile shelves When you do not need to access the goods, the shelves are moved together, all closed, and all locked. In the shelf interface with a rubber seal, also known as closed shelves.

Working principle

Two rows of back to back shelves into a group installed in a mobile chassis, it was arranged in multiple groups, each chassis attached to a number of rollers and drive motor. By pressing the control button, driven by the motor drive through the chain drive the entire chassis and shelves of goods. Along the two or more tracks on the ground (or no track - magnetic stripe), so that the forklift can enter the mobile site to be accessed.


Mobile shelves only need to set a channel, space utilization is very high, safe and reliable, easy to move, according to load can be divided into heavy storage mobile racks, medium and light warehouse shelf the general heavy-duty shelves using electric control easy to move, light, medium general mobile.

The mobile Shelf suitable for more varieties of stocks, but the low rate of warehouses, or inventory frequency is higher, but according to the order of the warehouse out of the warehouse. Usually only need a job channel.It can greatly improve the utilization of the warehouse area, it is widely used in media, libraries, finance, food and other industries warehouse.

Mobile Storage Shelves Made from China