One Stop A-Frame Shelf Carts With Ratchet Belt

One Stop A-Frame Shelf Carts With Ratchet Belt
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The granite shelf A solution for Slab Storage and Move easy

One Stop A-Frame is designed for transporting material and storing it in the shop or at the job site. Your slabs are placed on special rubber profiles and secured with four (4) ratchet securing bars. The center section can be used to store tools, small backsplashes, etc. The frame features two (2) eyelets that can be used to lift the frame with an overhead crane. Space is provided on all base sides for forklift transport. Quick release mounting pins change the unit from a mobile unit to a stationary one with the removal of the four (4) provided casters.  

Its heavy duty and concise appearance solve the problem of slab storage. It's suitable to bulk storage of marble & granite supplier.

Custom -- All of our products can be customized according to your preferences.  

W.L.L. Pounds (kg)

  W.L.L. Pounds (kg) Forklift/Stationary : 4400 (2000)   Eyelets/Rolling: 2200 (1000)

SD026-1 without 2 eyelets and Ratchet belt .

SD026-2 included 2 eyelets and 4 ratchet belt.  


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