Push Back Pallet Rack For High-density Storage

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Product Details

Push back racking is evolved from pallet racking , it is a form of high-density storage.

Design principle: Laying track on the beams , front of this track is short , and behind is tall , tilt angle is about 3 °, coupled with professional support designed pallet trolley, the first pallet goods placed on top of the trolley , when we are placing the second pallet cargo, use forklifts or   manpower to promote the first pallet goods, then two layers forklift will appear, put the cargo on the two layers forklift , and so on, the depth of cargo is around 4-5 pallet.


1) Can be simplify working procedures and benefit is very significant when have a mass of pallet goods is not be request to follow "first in firs out".        

2) Can be shorten cherry-pick time, do not need special handling equipment.

3) Due to the storage area is more, the aisle is less, so the space utilization and productivity are high.

4) Can be  avoid high density storage shelves in handling operation often prone to damage.