Steel Storage Rack Systems

Steel Storage Rack Systems
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Steel storage rack systems

Industrial Warehouse Storage Steel Teardrop Beam Heavy DutyPallet Rack Storage rack manufacturer.

Storage Pallet rack is also called  beam rack. It often come out to be heavy duty type and is the most conventional rack. Pallet rack can both store multi-veriety goods with small quantity and also unified goods with big quantity. Pallet rack is widely used in high warehouses. 

Pallet rack can desaign based on your storage shelf.

Space savings – Squeeze wasted air out of your vertical storage and make use of every cubic foot! Free up floor space for other uses.

Value – Maximize the use of your cubic space, and get more productivity from your entire facility.

Manpower efficiency – Retrieve items weighing up to 2 tons with just one person.

Ease of retrieval and inventory control – Stored items are easily located, positioned and repositioned.

Reduced use of fork trucks – Fewer fork trucks means greater savings, greater safety on your shop floor and less wear and tear to floor.

Product protection and security – Store large items on safe, protected pallets, off the floor.