Warehouse Metal Storage Racks

Warehouse Metal Storage Racks
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Warehouse metal storage racks

Mold shelf mainly stores various mould items, according to the load capacity requirements, it can be divided into light mold shelves and heavy mold shelves. The movable hoist can be configured on the top of the shelf to facilitate the lifting of the mold.


(1)High-density storage style, specially for loosening or small box goods

(2)Mezzanine can come true double level or triple level walkway for storage manually,save floor space.

(3)Medium-duty with loading capacity of 50-300kg/layer and heavy-duty with loading capacity of 300-1000kg/layer

(4)Working with hoisting machine, pallet jack, store manually for small or loosening goods.

About details:

1.Size L1500-3300mm * D800-3000mm *H3000-10,000mm

    ( Special sizes also available to specific storage needs. )

2.Loading capacity:1T-5T/level

3. Upright section: 90*60mm, 100*60mm, 88*68mm, 100*68mm, 110*68mm,  120*68mm, etc

4. Box beams section:  90*45mm, 100*45mm, 110*45mm,  120*45mm, etc.

5. Horizontal & diagonal braces, upright footplates, safety locking pins, bolts & nuts, anchors   and all necessary components.