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Zhongshan warehouse combination shelf custom made factory design.

telephone 18933323326 Zhongshan electrical warehouse shelf custom electrical plant (Lianhe Zhongbang shelf factory) Zhongshan warehouse combination shelf attic warehouse specializing in the production of Zhongshan electrical warehouse portfolio shelves, no welding, the appearance of novel and generous, quality, safety and reliability, Large load-bearing capacity, cost savings, a warehouse variable 2-4, so you do not have to worry easily.

Beam-type shelves is to access the tray of goods for the purpose of the professional warehouse shelves, each tray for a cargo, it is also known as the cargo shelves; beam shelves from the column (column), beams, beam shelves Simple structure, safe and reliable. According to the actual use of the user: pallet load requirements, pallet size, the actual warehouse space, lifting the actual height of the forklift to provide different specifications of the beam shelves to choose from.

1, the structure is simple, safe and reliable, can be arbitrarily adjusted combination, out of storage from the order of the goods, the restrictions for all types of goods storage

2, with large moment of inertia, strong layer load capacity, impact resistance and strong features

3, the plastic is very large, in the pallet shelves on the basis of building mold shelves, attic shelves, three-dimensional shelf, etc. can also be made into a special barrel shelves, etc.

4, beam shelves can effectively improve the warehouse storage height, improve warehouse space utilization

5, low cost, suitable for any handling tools, which is widely used as a shelf

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